About Us

Formal is the largest Greek construction companie in the field of frames, aluminum and pvc, with a strong position in the Greek market.

Having 20 years experience in the construction and installation of aluminum frames and pvc, the goal is high quality products and customer service.

The frames of Formal distinguished for their quality for thermal and acoustic insulation, safety and perfect functionality. All this has been achieved thanks to the high quality materials used by the company.

With the most modern technical equipment in machinery processing and manufacturing frames and properly trained and experienced workforce can confront the most modern manufacturing requirements.

The company is located on private land 13,000 m2 at 14th km Thessaloniki-Polygyros Industrial Area Thermi Thessaloniki. In this area there are 2,200 m2 facilities with two production lines, frames, aluminum and pvc, showroom and office space.

Also maintains show room in the city of Thessaloniki:

  •     B. Olgas 102
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